S1E8: Carlton Turner on Land, Food Sovereignty & Ancestral Roots

In this episode, Abigail and Mareshah sit down to talk about the importance of land, food sovereignty, ancestral roots, and more with Carlton Turner. Carlton Turner is the Founder of the Mississippi Center for Cultural Production, also known as Sipp Culture. Sipp Culture is a grassroots organization that prioritizes bringing fresh food in a food apartheid within rural Mississippi. We’re talking about land because in order to stand up for what we stand on, we must recognize the oppression that still influences land ownership and the social structures of southern communities.

About Carlton

Carlton Turner is an artist, agriculturalist, arts advocate, policy shaper, lecturer, consultant, and facilitator. Carlton is the founder of the Mississippi Center for Cultural Production (Sipp Culture). Sipp Culture uses arts and agriculture to support rural community, cultural, and economic development in his hometown of Utica, Mississippi where he lives with his wife Brandi and three children.

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