Let’s Talk Climate Justice, Y’all!

This podcast is dedicated to lifting up and centering the climate and environmental justice movement in the South. Despite the South being the most biodiverse, diverse, and one of the largest economic engines in the world, we are underfunded and often barred from the decision-making table.

So we decided to pull up a chair and amplify the stories of communities in the South hit the hardest by the climate crisis. We’re using good ol’ fashion storytelling to shine a spotlight on these Southern leaders from all walks of life putting in their blood, sweat, and tears to transform the region. The usage of Y’ALL in the title is on purpose– we are honoring our Southern heritage of creativity, resilience and ingenuity. 

Let’s talk about climate justice, y’all!

It’s real, it’s here, it’s about time. Welcome!


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Southeast Climate & Energy Network

Fort Lauderdale, FL

SCEN’s mission is to confront the climate crisis by creating strategic alignment, growing capacity, and building power among member organizations and their communities in the Southeastern United States.


Birmingham, AL

GASP’s mission is to advance healthy air and environmental justice in the Greater-Birmingham area through education, advocacy and collaboration. 

Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy

Slidell, LA

Through human rights-based legal services, advocacy, and training, GCCLP works to create structural shifts that promote justice + equity in the gulf south.

The People’s Justice Council

Pleasant Grove, AL

The People’s Justice Council engages and equips communities suffering from disproportionate impacts of environmental injustice with the tools to build power from the grassroots up to fight for their own justice.