S3E9: Climate Solutions: Climate Financing, Circular Economies, and Geospatial Mapping with Ankur Shah

Join hosts Maréshah and Abigail in this enriching conversation with Ankur Shah from Climate Engine about technological and economic strategies for climate adaptation, where we cover everything from circular economies to using maps to influence banks to climate financing.

“The idea [at Climate Engine] is to 1. Let banks know how their assets are impacted by climate risks …and 2. How their money is impacting the environment and climate change and 3. Tell banks what they can do ro mitigate and adapt.” – Ankur Shah

Ankur Shah is a geospatial data scientist at Climate Engine. He received his Bachelor’s in Physics and Earth Science from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Ankur has a few years of experience in environmental education and video production and is passionate about environmental and social sustainability.

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