S3E10: Climate Solutions: Scaling Community Flooding & Water Solutions with Dr. Angela Chalk and Jeff Supak from Water Wise Gulf South

In this episode, Abigail and Maréshah have a two-part discussion with folks from Water Wise Gulf South: Dr. Angela Chalk and Jeff Supak. Chalk and Supak work together to adapt and mitigate water issues in Louisiana. They know that solutions to flooding and rising sea levels are most impactful when communities and government work together.

“If we really want to live with water, we need to shift our relationship on how we view water in New Orleans and the region… (with flooding and worsening storms) we need to ask folks to view their communities as water-front properties, and to prepare for that.” – Angela Chalk

Jeff Supak is the co-founder and Executive Director of Water Wise Gulf Coast, and Angela Chalk is the executive director of Healthy Community Services. Water Wise Gulf South empowers individuals and communities to manage stormwater to reduce flooding, among other benefits. Water Wise uses green infrastructure to improve water quality and filter and detain stormwater runoff.

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