S3E12: Climate Solutions: Community Organizing 101 with Lindsay Harper and Celida Soto

Wrap up the third season with hosts Abigail and Maréshah as they discuss one of the foundational solutions to the climate crisis: community organizing. Listen to experienced community organizers Lindsay Harper and Celida Soto talk about how to effectively work with communities towards grassroots solutions.   

“Community organizing is knowing when to listen to lived experiences, when to step back, and when to step forward.”

Celido Soto works with many organizations such as Margins: Women Helping Black Women, Yellow Hammer FundS.W.E.E.T AlabamaFaith & Works. Celida’s organizing work covers many different areas, but all are rooted in her community.

Lindsay Harper is the National Coordinator for Arm in Arm. Arm in Arm works to end the climate crisis by centering racial and economic justice.

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