S1E7: Nina Morgan on Climate & Environmental Justice in Alabama

Abigail and Marésha sit down and talk with Nina Morgan, climate and environmental justice organizer for GASP. Nina’s an incredible organizer — but we may be a little biased since she’s also a part of the team that’s making this podcast happen! Nina is graduate of UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham) where she studied Anthropology and Sociology. Nina mapped over 3,000 trees on campus using GIS and served as a decathelete in the 2017 DOE Solar Decathlon competition.

Nina is also a co-founder of the Magic City Youth Initiative, where she works to uplift and support a youth-led movement for social justice in the Greater-Birmingham area. As a Black, Southern, working-class person, Nina is committed to creating a world in which people and planet are cherished, protected and liberated. Sit back and enjoy the conversation!


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