S3E1: How We Got Here- Reflecting Season 2 with Co-Hosts Maréshah Malcom and Abigail Franks

In this episode, we do something different and have Executive Directors Alex Easdale, Reverend Michael Malcom, and Michael Hansen from SCEN, GASP, and People’s Justice Council interview our hosts Maréshah Malcom and Abigail Franks. We discuss the highlights of the second season, lessons learned in the movement, and look forward to the third season. While most of us know the realities of the issues we face in our region, the third season will spotlight solutions and the folks doing the work. Climate Justice Y’all- it’s real, it’s here, and it’s about time we listen to what the hosts have to say. Alright! Let’s get started with season 3.

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Climate Justice, Y'all
Climate Justice, Y'all
Michael Hansen

Climate Justice Y’all: It’s real, it’s here, it’s about time.