S2 E9: When Disaster Strikes Part II with N. Teresa Ramos

N. Teresa is Regional Organizer for the Gulf South for a Green New Deal for Taproot Earth. They are a non-binary, afro-descendant person and single parent. They come to this work with experience as a popular educator and organizer in Puerto Rico, also as a birth and abortion doula, and activist for the freedom of their country. As part of their beliefs for the decolonization of her country, they studied agroecology, childbirth and became a community doula. Food sovereignty, climate justice, gender, anti-racism, healing, and reproductive rights are some of the issues they have worked with popular education. At the start with Universidad Sin Fronteras and Project South in 2016, and later on, co-founding a short-term project called Celestina Cordero Itinerant School; and SaNacer, a childbirth education project.

N. Teresa was co-founder of El Hormiguero, a squatted and mutual aid space in Santurce. They also organized first responder doulas to aid pregnant persons after the 2020 earthquakes in her country. N. Teresa was part of efforts to organize with popular educators in La Habana, where they were greatly impacted by agroecology and the popular educators’ network back in 2017 and 2019.

They have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Puerto Rico in Hispanic Studies where they worked with race, gender and sexual workers in the puertorican literature. They are also a singer, drum player, and dancer of bomba, a 400-year-old afro-descendant musical genre and cultural resistance movement in her country. They love the sea, rivers, and nature in her country. They are born and based in the archipelago of Puerto Rico, where they currently live in resistance to displacement in the westside of the big island with her son Ylang Amaru.

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