S3E6: Climate Solutions: Healing People and the Planet with Knellee Bisram and Piero Falci

This week, join hosts Maréshah and Abigail in their transformative conversation with Knellee Bisram and Piero Falci from AHAM Education as they teach us about the practicality of mindfulness and our responsibility to care for ourselves and care for the world.

“Mindfulness is a way of being in relationship with myself, others, and the world. We know from our own practice that once we allow ourselves to let go of the past and the future, we are not only training ourselves to be present, we are allowing ourselves to regulate. This is why when we talk about mindfulness, it isn’t just about healing ourselves, it’s about approaching activism in a different way.” – Knellee Bisram

Knellee Bisram is the NGO representative to the United Nations, as well as the founder and conscious executive officer (CEO) to AHAM Education. Knellee is also a certified mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) instructor.

Piero Falci sits on the board of directors of AHAM Education, he has written several books on peace and mindfulness, and he is a certified mindfulness-based stress reduction instructor (MBSR).

Check out the trailer for AHAM Education’s upcoming film: https://youtu.be/HwoZRak0vmw?si=q2lCFkMdzxD_IzhM

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